Your home

(For others not in Cholsey Meadows)

Insulate your home

If you haven’t already installed insulation in the loft, there is no reason to delay further – it simply makes sense, and will pay for itself. It might also make sense to get cavity wall insulation if this can be done in your home. Grants are often available to cover most or all of the costs.

Keep the heat in, and the cold out

Sometimes the simplest ideas are effective: fitting draught stripping to doors, closing curtains, or putting foil panels behind radiators.

Lend a helping hand

Once you have done what you can in your own home, don’t stop there – chances are your neighbours do not know how they can save energy in their homes. Elderly people in particular need all the advice and support they can get.

Feeling flush

We waste a huge amount of water in simple flushing the toilet, when far less might do. There are devices (some home-made) you can put in the cistern to reduce the volume of water used, and there are ways of retrofitting devices to enable ‘dual flush’ functionality, so you only use the water you need.

Green Travel Pack

To help reduce carbon emissions, the Green Travel options for residents at Cholsey Meadows are set out in the Green Travel Pack.