Gadgets Galore

Our homes are full of appliances – fridges, TVs, mobile phone chargers, standing lamps and so on. Together they use a lot of electricity – and not just when we are in the room.

Check the label: when you buy a new appliance such as a fridge, check the energy rating, and make sure it’s an A-rated device, or even better, A+ or A++.

Standby me: try to think about which devices need to be on when. Many devices, such as mobile phone chargers, plugs for printers, computer monitors and so on, are using electricity all the time they are plugged in. You can now get special plugs that switch off some of these devices when not in use. You can also get a special plug that monitors electricity usage, so you can work out where electricity is being used in your home.

See the light: there is no excuse now for not having low-energy lightbulbs in the house, and these now represent value for money. LED-based lights, which use even less energy, may also be an option for some parts of the house.

Nothing beats a nice cup of tea: but that doesn’t mean you always have to boil water for more than you need. Think about how much you need to fill the kettle each time – you will save money and energy, and your cuppa will be ready quicker too!

Green Travel Pack

To help reduce carbon emissions, the Green Travel options for residents at Cholsey Meadows are set out in the Green Travel Pack.