Cholsey is very near two recognised cycle routes: The national Number 5 and the regional Number 44.

For more information on the Number 5 route (incorporating the Thames Valley route), click here.

For more information on the almost-traffic-free Number 44 route, click here.

There is a movement to surface part of Ilges Lane and make into a cyclepath/footpath. This would provide a shortcut from Cholsey Meadows to the centre of Cholsey. Ilges Lane is currently a restricted byway and can be used by non-motorised traffic, though the track in parts is quite rutted. Follow this link to see where Ilges Lane is.

If there is enough interest, I can organise Bikeability, a cycling proficiency scheme at Cholsey Meadows. For more information on Bikeability, click here.

Green Travel Pack

To help reduce carbon emissions, the Green Travel options for residents at Cholsey Meadows are set out in the Green Travel Pack.