Buildings fit for the future

If we are going to reduce our carbon footprint, we are going to need all the help we can  get from technology. There has never been a better time to consider whether your home or community building might be suited to one of a number of exciting new technologies. You can now get paid for generating electricity and warmth, making some alternatives not just environmentally, but also financially attractive.

Your roof might be suited to solar panels. Solar panels for hot water heating are now relatively inexpensive and quickly installed. Photovoltaic panels generate electricity during daylight hours, often more than the building can use, in which case you are paid for surplus exported to the grid.

Community Heat and Power (CHP) is one of the most promising technologies for communities. A number of buildings can share the environmental and cost benefits of generating heat and electricity from the same equipment.

Other technologies, such as heat pumps that use the natural warmth stored in the ground, may also be appropriate for your building, depending on the levels of insulation and how the building will be heated.

Green Travel Pack

To help reduce carbon emissions, the Green Travel options for residents at Cholsey Meadows are set out in the Green Travel Pack.