History of Cholsey CDT

Fair Mile Hospital has been acquired by a partnership between Linden Homes and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), which then subsequently included Thomas Homes. The site was sold by the HCA with a requirement for the developer to establish a Community Development Trust to take responsibility for a number of community buildings.

Planning approval has been given for the development of 354 homes and related commercial and community facilities. The planning application was the result of an extensive high quality community consultation and masterplanning process, which highlighted a number of aspirations and requirements from the local community as set out within the Cholsey Parish Plan produced by Cholsey 1,000 Plus. 

Cholsey is a vibrant village with a population of about 3,500 across 1,600 households and has a strong sense of community with over 35 different clubs and societies that cater for a wide range of interests, all of whom are keen to see Fair Mile fully integrated with the wider village.

Since the change of national Government, the cuts in local authority expenditure and related services, and the promotion of the “Big Society” and Localism agendas, the role of locally governed third sector community organisations such as Cholsey CDT is being encouraged and reinforced. This evolving agenda will inform the thinking underpinning the strategic development of the Trust over its early years.

A Community Development Trust is a charitable company intended to bring about social, economic and environmental benefits to the community. It is governed by a board of trustees made up of residents, facility user groups, and other local stakeholders. Development Trusts are regarded as community enterprises, which means that they:

  • are community-led organisations
  • adopt a self-help ethos, working in partnership but avoiding dependency
  • adopt an enterprise approach to achieve philanthropic and social benefits
  • trade for social purpose, and surpluses are reinvested in further enterprise development and for community benefit.
  • seek community ownership of buildings, land and other assets to build business capacity and achieve community goals.

Green Travel Pack

To help reduce carbon emissions, the Green Travel options for residents at Cholsey Meadows are set out in the Green Travel Pack.